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 Brandonftw Being stupid

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PostSubject: Brandonftw Being stupid   Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:04 pm

steam profile:

steam name: [iNS]Brandonftw

Reason: almost capping, wastes the entire round waiting for 2 engies

Day: 12/18/11

Any Known Aliases: iNS Admin, and a dumb one too

Old myon reporting in, brandonftw was hale and everyone died but since there was 2 engies left he just messed around making all of the dead people just wait, the people complained about brandonftw cause he took the entire 30 min or to 1 hour just because the engies didnt come out of the vents [vsh_dunger]m people left and some wanted to play, brandonftw then kept being a dumbshit and keep wasteing time, he abuse his admin powers to.... overuse, try to control this problem guys,

Admin abuse: Resurrection power

times used: 10 or 5 times as engie,pyro

Myon over and out!
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Brandonftw Being stupid
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