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 It's been awesome. Thanks

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|inter| Jordan

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It's been awesome. Thanks Empty
PostSubject: It's been awesome. Thanks   It's been awesome. Thanks EmptyWed May 09, 2012 12:59 am

Recently i have been banned from the iNS permanently. I tried to do something for the community that wasnt supported by those directly involved and had rubbed them the wrong way. I didnt let them review the post because i knew it would be rejected immediately. It was then passed and up on the group page and thats when everything really went downhill. I wont go into details but the main thing is i was banned while emotions clouded judgement. I hate to see it go this way and i hope that everything is a bit brighter without me. I guess this was all not worth it as nothing i said really mattered to the people involved. I wish i could say that what i had proposed was passed, even if i was banned because of it, sadly i cannot.

Thanks for all the fun it was nice meeting you all.
~Jordan-Interceptor A proud iNS member
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It's been awesome. Thanks Empty
PostSubject: Re: It's been awesome. Thanks   It's been awesome. Thanks EmptySat May 12, 2012 10:53 am

can you provide a link to the post? i want to see what you got banned over.
anyway, you will be missed interceptor, and im gonna do as much as possible to get you back in iNS. you are by far one of my favorite players on the server. I need to see the post of first of course so i can get you back on. But if i cant get you back on, i just wanted to say you are awesome, and you should feel awesome.
~ [iNS] Scratch.
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It's been awesome. Thanks
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