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Imaginary Owning Entity
Imaginary Owning Entity

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PostSubject: Guidelines   Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:59 pm

First off I'd like to introduce this new section, this section is to propose a nerf to an existing iNW and also any magician weapon.

Please note there is a difference between iNWs and Magician weapons. iNW is an imaginary number weapon, one created by a solitary person. An iNW nerf would apply to that individual's iNW, due to the fact that only that person wields it. A nerf that passes for a Magician weapon will result in that weapon being nerfed for all who wield it.

When posting please use the format as followed:

Name of the iNW or Magician weapon (if known; if not use the following format: Custom <weapon name here> of <User>)
Username of Wielder
User STEAM profile link
<Any linked media that can help you prove your points>
Explanation and what you want to change


Custom Shotgun of Dimented
Dimethylglyoxime ($TEt657ydtrhntyutr^

Dimented has been seen using a custom iNW shotgun that appears to be very high powered. The clip is 8, which is 2 more than a normal shotgun, however, it also fires faster and deals more damage. This results in an extremely unfair and cheap weapon. Dimented should have his shotgun nerfed so the fire rate is slower and it deals less damage, by maybe some 25% less damage. kthxbye.

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