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 A Guide for Demoknight

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A Guide for Demoknight Empty
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Teh Demoknight Info:
There is not much to say about the Demoknight but if you utilize him well enough you can deal massive damage.
Teh Demoknight Equipment:
Primary: You should use the grenade launcher or the Loch n Load. If your aim sucks ass than you should use the grenade launcher.
Secondary: Well obviously you would use a shield for this equipment slot, the better choice of the two is obviously the splendid screen. It has a longer range and can inflict damage to saxton hale at any range.
Melee: Most swords should work for the melee slot, the two most common used ones are probably the Persian Persuader or the Eyelander(Nessie's Nine Iron, Or Headless Horsemans Axe). If you are just starting out as a Demoknight on Saxton you should use the Persian Persuader because it is easier to escape with the faster charge rate, but as you get better you should use the Eyelander since it increases your speed with every hit.
Teh Demoknight Situations:
There are distinct times to use the Demoknight if you are not that good as a Demoknight you should wait for people to log on and let Scunts and Soldiers to attract Saxton's attention first. If you're good with Demoknight you can do whatever the hell you want whenever anyone is on.
Teh Demoknight FAQ's:
Q:Should I use my shield for damage or retreating
A: You should definitely use your shield for retreating since saxton will immobilize your charging capabilities if he hits you once.
A: Right click and stfu.
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A Guide for Demoknight
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