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 A Simple Guide to the Hoovy

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A Simple Guide to the Hoovy Empty
PostSubject: A Simple Guide to the Hoovy   A Simple Guide to the Hoovy EmptySat Feb 11, 2012 9:37 pm


You'd want to go with the following;



-Gloves of Running Urgently

You could have other variations like replacing the Tomislav with the Brass Beast, but it would depend on the map.


Your goal is to deal alot of damage to Hale, over time or in an instant. It all depends on where you are.

If you know where the ammo boxes are, you should shoot Hale at mid-range.
If you have a dispenser, spam away.
Try to conserve ammo for close combat so you can deal 800-4k damage within a minute.
Taunting for crits is not recommended.
When you think Hale is too close, bring out your GRU and run away, and regain health. Wash, rinse, and repeat.
If there are circumstances such as an amplifier, use it. Critical bullets deal more than 3s and 4s.
The GRU deals 7 damage every few seconds. If you were to be in the air while you get hurt by the penalty, you would be boosted up just a little bit.

------------Spawn to battlefield------------

If you have a Dalokohs bar, eat it when the announcer is announcing the start of the round, eg, "5..4..3..2..1!" Eat it as soon as you spawn.
If not, don't bring out your GRU until you can move. You don't want to lose your HP, now do you?
When you're running to the battlefield, be aware of Hale. He can ambush you from almost anywhere because of his Super Jump.
Once into the field, you tend to want to be with the team. Stick with Engineers.
Avoid areas where you can die instantly, Hale can knock you back into pits, and you could take fall damage.

------------During the fight------------

Don't bother shooting when Hale is too far away. You only deal 3-8 damage, and it's a waste of your 400,000 dollar bullets.
Always make sure you have 300+ HP so you can withstand 1 hit of Hale.
If Hale rages and stuns you, it's possible to death by jumping up and down, you'll be lucky if he hits you in midair, you will be knocked back to a safe place, and make your escape.
Look behind you, above, and below. Hale's stomps can get you killed without you even reacting.

------------Some other stuff------------

So the gist of this, as a Heavy, you should avoide Hale at all times, shoot when he's in range, and when he's too close, run. Remember to refill your ammo.
While wielding the GRU, you're not invincible, you need to make a quick getaway before you have less than 250 HP.
You're not faster than Hale, outsmart him with circle-strafing and jumps.

------------The End?------------

Yup, that's my guide to the Heavy in Versus Saxton Hale Mode.
Please give me feedback, and tell me where I can improve and add information.
Thanks, and have fun.


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A Simple Guide to the Hoovy Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Simple Guide to the Hoovy   A Simple Guide to the Hoovy EmptySun Feb 12, 2012 4:20 pm

Pretty good guide, my only complaint is there's nothing about what to do when you're cornered by hale with no ammo.

A Simple Guide to the Hoovy Poulad32999
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A Simple Guide to the Hoovy
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