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 Thoughts About Life & Gaming

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PostSubject: Thoughts About Life & Gaming   Thoughts About Life & Gaming EmptyFri Feb 10, 2012 2:10 am

*sits in a chair* Ok, so if anyone is reading this then you are guessing this might be a useless post, and yet its alright for me. I've been watching the iNS server for quite sometime, Ive seen kids, ragequiting people, jerks, and admin abuse. I would mostly say that when a person gets angry, another person would try to make him/she even more mad to rage quit, then comes another person then another person. Its kinda sad to see jerks making a person's life more short on a leash, when i see kids its kinda alright, i know their annoying and small kids but there's something you guys gotta know, their a living thing too, your older then them, teach them to not be annoying, meaning by saying that is because the bigger will pick on the smaller. You know, kids don't know what their doing, they still need to learn what to do in their life's too you know, kids happen to be in tf2 because they wanna play the game, play some hardcore gaming with older people. For the young reading this, you shouldn't be playing rated M games, you might not agree so i cant stop you there, just keep in mind that when you go to sleep, there might be a certain vision where that part you play in tf2 might happen in your dreams. That being say'd on with the next saying, I've seen people with donor stats and the admins being kinda abuse like, keep in mind that you are ruining the fun of the game, cheating results in this: making the gun less fun, people will leave the server forever if you keep doing to them, look at slag gaming now, mecha has a family protection chat, and etc. Keep in mind there might be kids in servers that could hear and see what goes wrong or whats wrong, if you say that someone's a bitch, they will learn that word "bitch" and then they'll keep saying it because of who? you, not anyone's fault for doing it, the blame is all on you, its because kids these days are reckless about games they cant think about life! I think gaming is a fun thing to do a lot, but you do know it sucks your life time sitting in one spot, I've seen teenagers, kids, even adults do it, life is more then a simple boat, think about what I've said here in this post, some of you might not learn after reading this but, to those who understand this. I just have 2 words to say, Thank You, I think this should cover my thoughts in the server and everything else that you should learn in life. Oh, and just one more thing from me, Never give up and always keep that special thing about yourself. Thank you guys for your time reading this post, I'll see you fellas later. *gets up and waves goodbye*

- From Myon, The old admin
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Thoughts About Life & Gaming
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