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 Battle Medic Strategy

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your own stupidity
your own stupidity

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Battle Medic Strategy Empty
PostSubject: Battle Medic Strategy   Battle Medic Strategy EmptyTue Jan 31, 2012 10:41 pm

just so you know......being a battle medic isnt that good of an idea on some maps. lets say you are on hakurei shrine and you choose to be a medic. first thing you should do is climb the hill and stay at the top healing some snipers or something (yes yes why the hell would you heal a sniper but trust me snipers get the most damage on that map). once you are fully charged run down the hill and find a pyro or a soldier that is fighting hale. uber him and get a ton of damage watever. after your charge is depleted forget about healing someone and just shoot syringes at hale. most of the time hale is too busy killing other people to notice you so ur in luck. after you have gotten fully charged off of syringes, uber again. in the case that hale does notice you , keep shooting syringes until he gets too close. then try and hit him with an ubersaw. best thing to do is to jump as much as possible
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Battle Medic Strategy
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